Miami Elopement Photographer

Miami Elopement Photographer

Miami Elopement Photographer

Comfortable, serene, and liberating

You don’t like big celebrations, do you?  Do you find yourself feeling anxious in crowded places and hoping you could simply sneak off to a quiet nook with your significant other?

On your wedding day, you deserve to be fully acknowledged, heard, and most of all, accepted for who you are. A memorable event that truly reflects the two of you. A day dedicated to you, planned with care and focus, and based on connection and intention.

If you found this page, it’s probably because:

cherish spending time in a close, personal atmosphere with those that matter most to you.

need a day free of pressure so they may interact with one another

want to create your own significant, one-of-a-kind experiences without restriction or pressure

I think we would get along great 😉

Put aside your worries and take a mental vacation to your favorite spot by closing your eyes.

Describe the atmosphere and the sights of your ideal world. Are you at a place where you can envision yourself spending your most special day with your most special person? When that day came, how would it unfold?

Can you image yourselves swaying in a hammock together, taking in the night sky? or toasting marshmallows over an open fire? Isn’t it nice to stay indoors and watch the snow fall while sipping a hot drink?

Do you long for peaceful, intimate times when it’s just the two of you (and maybe a few close friends and family members)? If so, then that’s exactly what you need on your wedding day (and what I’m all about, too)!

What is an Elopement?

If you elope, you get to pick your own adventure.

Instead of giving in to other people’s expectations because “that’s the way it’s always been done,” choose an activity that makes you happy and fosters genuine connection.

To elope is to be set free.

When you elope, you may plan every detail of your wedding day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, and make it into something that is truly meaningful to you.

You can give ELOPING any meaning you like.

Above all else, you have complete creative control over the details of your wedding day. No one you know or love, not even your third uncle or me.

Helpful Hints and Tools for Eloping

You should feel free to ask questions.

Since I believe elopements to be the finest possible option, I’d like to give you the freedom to make decisions that put you at the center of your wedding day. I can offer advice on where to meet, how long it should take, who to hire, and more. In short, I will be by your side every step of the way to ensure that your special day is exactly what you envisioned it to be and more.