Since the traditional wedding industry was shut down in 2020, more and more couples are opting to get married privately, with a small number of witnesses, or even by themselves. Although elopements were often looked down upon as a cowardly or even disgusting way for people to tie the knot, modern society views them differently. … Read more


Even if the frequency of elopements has increased in recent years (with the operative word being “choose”), several common misunderstandings persist about what elopements are and entail. If you subscribe to any of the following myths about elopements, I hope that debunking them will help you rethink your assumptions and gain a more nuanced understanding … Read more

11 Reasons a Professional Wedding Photographer Is an Absolute Must

Wedding Photography

You may get sticker shock when you begin exploring vendors, leading you to wonder for an instant if you “truly need” a professional wedding photographer. The answer is a resounding yes, whether you’re planning a traditional church wedding, an intimate backyard gathering, or an exotic honeymoon getaway. We could go on and on for days … Read more

5 Benefits to Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

You’ve just entered the fast-paced, exciting world of wedding preparation; congratulations! It’s a good idea to start looking for a wedding photographer and learning about wedding photography if you’re reading this. Choosing to remember one of the most important days of your life through photographs is a wonderful idea. We’re here to lend a hand … Read more