So, one might conclude that I value engagement photos highly. You’d be correct ! Because I am so convinced of the importance of engagement photographs, I always include a pre-wedding shoot as part of my wedding photography packages. However, if you’re recently engaged, you may be debating in your own mind whether or not you should take engagement photos. I have compiled a list of eight reasons why I think it’s important for you to shoot engagement photos:

1. Start by getting to know your photographer.

Photographers at weddings are more than simply people with cameras. This person will spend HOURS with you on your wedding day, documenting the day’s events and capturing its most precious moments on film. It’s true that a picture shoot can be an uncomfortable experience if you and the photographer don’t click. Your time with your photographer will be well spent during an engagement session. Take advantage of the situation to establish contact with them.

2. Practice being in front of the camera.

A camera pointing at them can make a lot of people uncomfortable. Don’t worry if you tend to freeze up and look ridiculous in front of the camera. You’ll be surprised at how natural you feel once you’ve gotten used to being photographed and can let go into the process. An engagement session might help you feel more at ease in front of the camera BEFORE the big day.

3. Instill confidence in your final photos.

The cost of a wedding photographer is substantial, but you won’t see the final product until long after the ceremony has over. What a terrifying thought! Many engaged couples have difficulty visualizing how their OWN wedding photographs might turn out, even after viewing the photographer’s portfolio. Having your photographer shoot engagement photographs is a great way to relax. You may rest easy knowing that your wedding photos will turn out beautifully because you already have a good idea of the style your photographer can achieve thanks to your stunning portraits.

4. Document the brief yet meaningful moments

Getting engaged marks a turning point on the path from “going steady” to “tying the knot.” It’s a wonderful and exciting period, but it can’t stay forever. Taking engagement photos can be a wonderful way to capture and keep alive the joy and excitement of this special time in your life for years to come

5. Express yourselves as a couple

During an engagement session, you and your future spouse may be yourselves and have some stunning images shot of the two of you. Take advantage of this opportunity to memorialize your friendship and share your thoughts and feelings with one another. Check out the post I wrote for tips on making your engagement photo shoot unique to the two of you!6.

6. Engage in an unanticipated shared experience

It’s not always easy to carve out uninterrupted time to spend with your partner, away from any outside distractions such as phones, computers, or other people. During your Miami engagement photography, the two of you will be a unit, working together and concentrating on one another; in fact, your pictures will come out MUCH better if the two of you put all of your attention on one other and on the love you share.

7. Take pictures of you and your partner in outfits other than your wedding attire.

Even while you’ll always treasure the photographs taken of you both in your wedding attire, having professional photographs taken of the two of you in more casual attire can provide you with a wealth of additional shots for a wide range of purposes. Your wedding photographs will be unmistakably associated with that particular day, but your engagement photographs will have a lot more flexibility.

8. Photos to use for your wedding

Perhaps this is the first thing you thought of when you saw the post; if so, you’re onto something! The use of stunning engagement photos will greatly enhance many parts of your wedding preparations, including save the date cards, thank you cards, a wedding website, and a guest book.

Do you agree that this is the case? Oh, how I pray so! Having an engagement session is something I wish every couple would do.

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